Photo: Bauhaus Foundation, Dessau.

det nuvarande tillståndets föränderlighet och hus på höga

Photo: Bauhaus Foundation, Dessau.

Det nuvarande tillståndets föänderlighet
Väx (filidutter)

Photo: Bauhaus Foundation, Dessau.


Desk In Exile

Bauhaus Lab 2016



Post grad at Bauhaus Foundation Dessau, Germany



Exhibition 4 Aug-4 Dec 2016


Installation view from Desk in Exile - group show at the Bauhaus Foundation, Dessau, as the result of a group project and research in to the writing desk of Walter Gropius. The Desk was made as part of the first Bauhaus exhibition in Weimar (1923), in the early days of the school, and followed him through his life, finally ending up in Lincoln (Mass), where Gropius moved when he was appointed head at Harvard GSD.


During the research i fell in love with the material of which the desk was made; cherry wood. And after deep diveing in to the cherry tree I made a search among my friends on facebook - if someone had a piece of- or maybe a cherry tree, I found one at Österlen, in Sweden and made a small trip to bring it back with me to Dessau. A trip I will share here in the near future. I then went on making a small sift which I used to sift cherrie juice, at the same time coloring the sifting cloth. The third piece is three bottles of cherry vodka, which I made and bottled in three different brands of water bottles, very common in east germany.


More info on official home page of the foundation:


Participants: Lia Tostes

Madelaine Sillfors

Aleksandra Kedziorek

Leah Hsiao

Joana Pardal

Thomas Lehner

Stefania Strouza

Achim Reese








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